Bricks By Brick, we’re building an orphanage… malls!

Our Brick-by-Brick mall event took off amazingly in High Street Mills on 21-22nd July, 2012.  Mrs. Gayatri Ruia was kind enough to donate space to set up our booth and a very helpful Mr. Dinesh Parab, from Triton, designed the 8×8 backdrop.  Our generous donors gave us gift articles (courtesy Mrs. Swapna Murarka), and candles (courtesy Mrs. Nanda Asudani) to sell.  Cadbury donated Dairy Milk chocolates towards our cause and these were freely given to all those who donated bricks and also to the many kids who came by our stall for colourful painted-on tattoos by our talented tattoo artistes who donated all the earnings for that day to our cause!

Red, yellow and green stickers were printed in the shape of bricks by Mr. Hamid Vasi of Triace Stickers.  On giving a “brick” donation, the stickers were stuck to the backdrop by the individual thus creating a virtual wall of donors!  We sold a lot of bricks to girls, boys, groups of friends, families and the elderly.

Day one, which was a Saturday, went off without a hitch.  We met some wonderful people at the stall who not only donated generously but were very keen on volunteering with us too!  Day two happened to be a Sunday and hoards of people descended into the mall!  We engaged them with a bit of b-boying dancing talent by the runners-up of India’s Got Talent.  The dancers gave 3 mini-performances and with their fantastic dance moves had all the bystanders screaming for more.  Overall, the mall event was a spectacular success, and we will have many more in the future.

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