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Bhagyashree Wavare,

One of Anando’s most successful beneficiaries, Bhagyashree, a single parent child lives with her mother and younger sister in Alibaug. The financial strain fell on her mother who worked as a domestic help and sold flowers at the local temple.  Bhagyashree was in school when Anando intercepted and took her under its wing as they felt that poverty would force her mother to pull her out of school. Over the next three years, Bhagyashree emerged from

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SarikaTukaram Zomate,19 years old

Born in a locality where there is zero importance given to education, especially that of a girl child, Sarika’s family unit is her mentally disturbed mother and two elder brothers. While one brother Avinash is married and runs a tea stall, the other stays with an uncle in Talegoan. Surviving on Avinash’s earnings, things had become difficult for the family after their father passed away due to liver failure. Sarika harboured aspirations of being

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Swapnali Vishnu Turde, 20 years old

Being a girl seemed to be Swapnali’s only fault, as her parents thought that this was reason enough for her not to continue her education. With a father who earned a basic wage doing wielding work and a housewife mother, Swapnali and her siblings—two sisters and one brother—were well settled in school. But as the financial strain of educating four children build up, the family put pressure on Swapnali to drop out so she too could work. Even

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Almel Priya Swami, 18 years old

Born to an alcoholic father and a domestic helper mom, Almel lost her father to liver damage and lived in a house that lacked even the most basic amenities like light and gas.  Struggling to keep the family of three afloat, Almel’s aged mother worked at two local homes and would often take her to help her out. Almel and her sibling both went to school and were bright students. Studious and well behaved, Almel took a keen interest in maths and

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Priyanka Vijay Sawant, 24 years old.

One of the many students who work part time at the Tata call centre in Khapoli,  Priyanka, a TYB.Com student is a happy girl with a bright future. But this was not the case a few years ago. Abandoned by her father at the age of 14 along with six siblings and a mother who suffers from depression Priyanka’s future looked bleak. Her older married sisters did little to help the family and it was up to Priyanka to look out for their mother Anita and

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