Jaagar Shikshanacha – Khopoli

Jaagar Shikshanacha was a competition held in essay writing, elocution and drawing for both students and teachers.  The programme was held at the KMC College Hall, Khopoli on 1st February, 2014.

Out of the 70 schools and 4 colleges that we reached out to 20 schools and 1 college participated in the competitions. In total 273 participants took part in the essay, drawing and elocution competitions.

Jagar Shikshanacha was a competition organized with an objective to create awareness about the current secondary educational system and the issues being handled through the work done by Light of Life Trust.

The programme provided a good opportunity to network with the people from Government and Administrative departments, Corporates and small business holders, schools and students.  Most of the people who attended the programme expressed their appreciation and desire to be a part of our program in some way or the other.

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