Light of Life Trust- Bake Sale !!

Light Of Life Trust in association with The Bake Collective had organized a Bake Sale on 12th &13th Oct at High Street Phoenix where TBC sold mouth watering muffins, chocolates, fudges, cake cupcakes, cookies etc to help raise funds for teaching material to better educate over 3467 children from 426 villages across 35 centres in the state of Maharashtra. was our online fundraising partner and Sukho Thai our gift partner for the Bake Sale.

Many voluntary bakers very generously baked goods to sell at this Bake sale to help our rural children. High Street Phoenix Mills was extremely supportive they were always around to help us. The stall at the courtyard was visited by enthusiastic children and parents alike.  We would like to thank everyone bakers, volunteers and buyers for this very large hearted act of generosity.

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