Our Anando beneficiary from Wai Centre, Washim District – Akshay Bhadange

Our Anando beneficiary from Wai Centre, Washim District – Akshay Bhadange 17 years old is suffering from End Stage Renal Disease and has been advised kidney transplantation. His mother has been identified as a prospective donor and the likely date for the transplant is 8th July 2013.
Akshay was enrolled under Project Anando in 2008 when he was a Std VIII student. A very intelligent student Akshay comes from a very poor family background. His family consists of 7 members – his grandfather, father, mother, three sisters and himself. The family owns a small piece of land on which they sow soya bean crop in season time. His father works as a labourer as well to try and make ends meet. The children also work as labourers during their holidays to augment the small income the father brings home. One of his sisters is married and the other two are studying.
Akshay wants to become an engineer however due to his illness he has not been able to give his Std XII exam this year. He has been under treatment for kidney related problems since 2008. He was under treatment of local doctors till 2012 when the doctors at JJ Hospital, Mumbai detected absolute kidney failure and was put on dialysis. In April 2013 his case worsened and he was put into ICU in Akola from where doctors referred him to Nair Hospital in Mumbai where he is currently undergoing dialysis every alternate day. His mother has been counseled and is ready to donate one of her kidneys.
The total cost of the transplant along with the post operative medication for a period of one year is estimated at Rs 4, 35,000/- .
This is a request to help support us to raise the funds of Rs 4, 35,000/- required in order to ensure the transplant takes place and Akshay is given a new lease in life and achieve his dreams.
Donation cheques may kindly be drawn in favor of : Light of Life Trust or call us on 9820239000/022-26557792

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