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Project Jagruti envisages a holistic approach to create a community which can blossom with the emotional support and interdependence of each other. The project aims to reach out to women, children and senior citizens through setting up of a Community Centre, a Children’s Home and a Senior Citizens’ Home. The project also includes setting up of a Medical Diagnostic Centre along with a Mobile Medical Unit for the benefit of the local communities residing in and around Karjat Taluka to provide diagnostic service/medical guidance for the economically marginalized rural households with focus on Women and Children in remote areas of said region.

(i)  Jeevan Asha Community Centre :

As a part of Project Jagruti’s community development project, the construction of Jeevan Asha Community Centre construction of the centre commenced in 2009 and was completed in 2010.

The Community Centre is equipping underprivileged rural women, girls & unemployed youth with livelihood training programmes to enhance their income generating skills leading them to attain not only financial independence but also an increased level of self confidence and esteem and in turn enable them to brighten the future of their children and the local community at large.

Objectives of Community Centre:

  • To provide academic and specialized practical training.
  • To develop entrepreneurship qualities among individuals, so that he/she will be able to initiate small scale activities or can participate with group of small traders or activities of LOLT.
  • To develop the skills of the target group for marketing and local enterprise development.
  • To advance, develop and empower rural underprivileged communities with special focus on destitute women and young girls.
  • To impart vocational skills that will enable them to live a life of dignity and independence.
  • To ensure the women are able to get equal access to participation and decision making in the family, social, political and economic life.
  • Empowerment of beneficiaries so that they can have access to a career of their choice and employment, better opportunities and good remuneration.
  • To bring change in societal attitudes and community practices by active participation and involvement of both men and women.
  • To equip them with adequate skills to ensure the sustainability of their self initiated small scale business.

Livelihood/Skill Development training programmes initiated at the Community Centre so far:

(a) Sewing & Tailoring Training:

Sewing & Tailoring Training is being conducted in collaboration with Women’s India Trust (WIT) since July 2011. The programme started with 15 local women with seven basic sewing machines donated by a Trust. The number of beneficiaries is increasing and currently 45 women have been registered for the training programmes which are run in two batches three times a week.

Satellite Sewing & Tailoring Centre has also been initiated in Khandas Village (35 kms from Karjat).

(b) Rural BPO Training:

The Rural BPO training programme was initiated on 22nd March 2011 with 49 participants selected through a rigorous process as set down by the training partner, Kotak Education Foundation (Unnati). The focus of the training programme was in three major areas:

  1. English language communication
  2. Speed and accuracy on the Computer
  3. Life Skills related to Office work and environment

26 of the 49 selected participants were Anando beneficiaries.  The training programme was extremely intensive in nature – was held for 6 days  a week from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.Post training, 8 of the participants were absorbed by a Rural BPO run by Tata Power in Khopoli, while 28 have been absorbed by a company in Karjat.

Looking at the successful completion and employability status of the first graduating group, LOLT would like to look at organizing more such training courses with committed sponsorships.

(c) Basic Computer Literacy Training:

Computer training programmes of 3 months’ duration are conducted regularly at the Community Centre. We are planning to introduce courses in Hardware & Networking as a number of students have requested for initiation of the same.

(d) Agricultural Training Programmes:

An Agricultural Initiative was started in association with HDFC Bank, Mumbai by planting banana saplings. The program was launched on 9th January 2012 in the presence of the Managing Trustee of Light of Life Trust, the Managing Director, HDFC and Sarpanch, Tiware Gram Panchayat.

(i) Agriculture Training Course: 8 students enrolled for the first 7 month agricultural course.

(ii) Kitchen Gardening Training Programme: A 45 day course on Kitchen gardening was designed for the students of the schools. One Summer Vacation course, with 52 School Students has been completed. They can develop kitchen gardens in their own schools as well as the backyards of their homes.

(iii) Star Swarozgar Prasikshan Sansthan, Bank of India: The training of BPL farmers at Gorewadi,Nandgaon was inaugurated by the Taluka authorities and Director SSPS, BOI on the 29th of October and the training was successfully completed on the 10th of November. The beneficiaries were trained on crop cultivation and protection.

(e) Beautician Training Programme

This six month intensive training programme includes - mehendi application, hair cutting, cleansing, eyebrows, waxing, hair styling, facials, pedicure / manicure, head massage, hair color, grooming & sari styling. The first programme has commenced from September 2012.

Expected Impact:

  • Training and skill development of participants to a means of livelihood to be able to live an independent life with dignity.
  • Participants will be supported to market their products.
  • Empowerment of participants with basic accounting and marketing skills to be self sustainable.
  • Formation of self help groups and instil the concept of savings.
  • Improvement in the standard of living of the family.

(ii) Children’s Home  :

The proposed Children’s Home is to provide a safe and healthy environment for orphaned adolescent children in the age group of 11-18 years, conducive to their growth and development. The intention is to provide a home for children who have lost both parents and who do not have an extended family to take on the responsibility of rearing their child, ensuring the children the warmth of a home and all round development of the child by introducing them to the existing Anando program on education and the vocational component of Jagruti.  The main objective is to make each child independent and a productive citizen. The children would be provided with all the basic facilities like food, clothing and shelter. Simultaneously,  arrangements will also be made to provide them with personality development, reinstating education, vocational skills training leading to empowerment and employability in the long run.


  • To provide basic facilities like food, clothing, shelter and overall development to each child
  • In addition to fulfilling their material needs, endeavour to provide a warm, caring, healthy and happy atmosphere
  • To make each child independent and a productive citizen of a responsible community by reinstating education and vocational skills training programmes
  • To develop symbiotic relationships and inter linkages with the other programs at the centre

(iii)  Senior Citizen’s Home :

LOLT’s vision to establish a Senior Citizens’ Home is to provide a congenial atmosphere for the needy elderly in the rural area, where a happy environment would lead to a meaningful life complete with good physical health and mental stability, would prove timely and handy in mitigating the situations anticipated by the developments to emerge.

Objectives of Senior Citizens’ Home:

  •  To protect the aged and infirmed from the weakening social security system and to provide them with such help as would make up for their lost family assistance and other means of survival.
  • To ensure economic assistance, housing and emotional support to the elderly.
  • To organize programmes of recreation and human interaction for the senior citizens.
  • To live within a community interacting with all ages, meeting people from diverse interest and fields.
  • Have a  peaceful, secured and joyous environment with facilities like ,Medical support   Counselling and Healing therapies
  • To be able to share their knowledge, expertise, experiences and wisdom. Also learn new skills depending on their interest.
  • Have emotional fulfilment by being a foster grandparent to children on the premises.
  • Have a sense of belonging by being a productive and integral part of the community.
  • Experience Mind, Body and Soul rejuvenation process.

(iv)  Medical Diagnostic Centre and Mobile Medical Unit :

The proposed Medical Diagnostic Centre and a Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) will be equipped with a team of qualified medical and paramedical personnel, basic diagnostic equipments and medicines and other logistics. The Mobile Medical Unit  shall be functional in the beginning as a pilot in the villages and hamlets in and around the Community Centre at Tiware Village, Karjat Taluka, Raigad District in Maharashtra State, in a scheduled manner. The MMU will cover far to reach areas that are inaccessible to health care facilities and cover a vicinity of up to 35 kms from the centre, reaching out to a rural population of around 50000, including tribal areas. The mobile medical unit shall visit planned villages in a day on a regular basis. Preliminary cases which can be treated shall be dealt with at the camp site. Cases requiring diagnostic measures and specialist opinion shall be referred to the Medical Diagnostic Centre.


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