Swapnali Vishnu Turde, 20 years old

Being a girl seemed to be Swapnali’s only fault, as her parents thought that this was reason enough for her not to continue her education.

With a father who earned a basic wage doing wielding work and a housewife mother, Swapnali and her siblings—two sisters and one brother—were well settled in school. But as the financial strain of educating four children build up, the family put pressure on Swapnali to drop out so she too could work. Even their neighbours were in agreement as most of them didn’t believe in educating their girls.

After becoming a beneficiary of the Trust, there has been a change in Swapnali’s personality. Her confidence levels have been boosted along with her communication skills and decision making abilities.  She set a goal to become a teacher and steadily worked her way to a degree in teaching—she passed the D.T.ed with 73%.fromNavjeevan Education Society’s, (D.T.ed College) Dahivali- Malegaon, Neral.

Taking on the mantle of a teacher, she now works with the LOLT, empowering children and sharing her example with them. She plans to continue studying and expanding her knowledge base.

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