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Villy Doctor, a psychologist, educationist and therapist is the founder of Light of Life Trust.

Her doctoral studies on ‘Psycho-biological changes through meditation’ showed her inclination towards the spiritual side while her master’s degree opened up various teaching opportunities for her. A lecturer at St. Xavier College, her career path led her to holding the position of head of the psychology department at Sophia College. During her tenure, she ran a counselling and vocational guidance cell that helped young people overcome substance abuse and emotional problems. Her interest in human nature led her to work in the field of consumer behaviour that resulted in her launching Ormax Consultants, with her husband. Today, it ranks as one of the top three qualitative market research companies in India.

Villy Doctor has also founded Satyavati Spiritual Foundation, which teaches meditation through a scientific and systematic technique that helps people move towards good health and total well-being. Satya Meditation programs have been organised at a national and international level(Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, BARC, Infosys Technologies Ltd, Grey Worldwide, Google Inc. U.S.A. San Francisco, Nokia Inc Dubai and many more)and have benefited thousands of people across the globe.

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